Vice President

Mr. Banny Doumbia

Mr. Banny Doumbia is a very proud father and husband who resides in the city of Detroit with his wife and children. He had lived in New York City for years before relocating to Detroit with his family. Beside being and husband and father, Banny is also a very successful businessman with great experience in the junk yard and taxi business.
He owned and operated his junk yard business in New York and in Detroit, he owned and operated his taxi business. He is an action-oriented man with a great deal of vigor in the community. And because of his practicality, he is the chairman of the African House and in October 2014, Mr. Doumbia helped UACO purchase a building for on West Mcnichols Rd. This office will serve as the administrative headquarters for UACO.
As president of UFIMI, Mr. Doumbia has achieved a lot: elected as vice president of UACO, invited the Ivorian ambassador in Washington DC and the Ivorian minister for planning and development to visit Detroit. Beside the above, he also has led a series of successful fund raisers for the community, one of which is the annual July 4 African Festival.

For Taxi business, Banny can be reached at 313-743-6562.